Tuesday, August 26, 2008

On her birthday

Dear friends and family,

I wanted to take a moment and thank you once again for your kind words and gestures this time last year when we lost our dear Olive Lucy. In the face of such devastating sorrow, I remember many different moments of comfort from those sharing their feelings and offering solace. Sometimes it was just about all that kept us going.

Lucy was and is a mighty force. She helps us every day to see how precious life truly is, and she urges us to enjoy each moment, no matter how small or trivial it may at first appear. I am sorry to have lost her but happy to have known her.

If you have an opportunity to light a candle tonight, it would be appreciated. Be well, take care and thanks again for being there for us during such a difficult time.

Peace, love, and light,
Watson, Christine, and Olive Lucy

Portrait by Davin Watne life long friend of daddy...