Saturday, February 28, 2009

our Babies: Always Loved, Always Remembered. A Memorial Albu

Please check out this project from the FirstCandle folks. also today is the last day to get a room as part of the room block for the symposium.

Put a face on our love and our loss.
Help us send parents to Congress on March 25, 2009.

We invite you to help support important Stillbirth/SIDS/SUID legislation by participating in the creation of “Our Babies—Always Loved, Always Remembered—Memorial Album.”

On March 25, 2009 bereaved parents and other infant health advocates from around the country will be coming together on Capitol Hill to lobby for important legislation related to stillbirth, SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome) and SUID (sudden unexpected infant death.)

And we want to bring the names of your babies with us!

This book will compliment the parent teams who will share personal stories during visits with key Congressional leaders. The objectives of this Baby Memorial Album are to:

1. Honor our babies with this loving tribute.
2. Create and leave a lasting reminder to Congress that our babies did not die in vain.
3. Raise funds and help pay for airfare/hotel for some enthusiastic families who can’t afford to attend the event.

This Day on the Hill is part of a broader Symposium that will bring in leading researchers to discuss current research efforts and strategies to help save infant lives.

It is our goal to make your legislators aware of the challenges you have faced and convince them that there is a dire need for research, prevention and awareness. As a result of the 2008 Day on the Hill, two bills were drafted and introduced into Congress!
How can you get involved?

With your help, we can make this compelling Memorial Album a reality. This is a place to remember your precious baby with thoughts, photos or even poetry. Here is a list of ideas and donation levels:

$10 Listing of the parents/siblings names, baby’s name, baby’s birth/death date (s), city and state
$25 Listing plus one photo
$50 Quarter-page: listing, photo and 50 additional words (view sample)
$100 Half-page: listing, up to two photos and 100 additional words (view sample)
$200 Full-page: listing, photos of your choice and up to 150 words
Donations of frequent flyer miles or donation of printing costs will also receive a full-page ad.
Deadline for submission is March 10, 2009.

Organizations, institutions, and businesses are also welcome to purchase space at the above levels to send their message of support. Any size donations are gratefully accepted.

To contribute to the memorial album, follow this link to detailed instructions. For more information on the Symposium and Day on the Hill, visit

May the New Year bring comfort and hope to you and your family. If you wish to attend the Symposium and/or the Day on the Hill, there will be an opportunity to deliver this Baby Memorial Album yourself. Whether in person or through the Album, your support can help us as we work toward a future where all babies survive and thrive.

Warm regards,

First Candle and the Parent ‘Baby Memorial Album’ Committee
18 months she's been gone and i still have little more than pictures and memories. no answers, i hope this album will help us show congress that national stillbirth legislation is necessary, research should be funded, we cannot continue to bury 26,000 babies each year. stillbirth in my opinion is an epidemic that crosses socio-economic boundaries.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Her name in the sand

I did not do this or take this photograph it was done for me by to write their names in the sand
they have done this for thousands of families just like mine. and from the bottom of my broken heart i thank them.

I will be adding this banner to my blog perminantly for for now here it is.