Wednesday, April 15, 2009

O momma

it is not often that i post about things that are seemingly unrelated to my loss with lucy these days but here is something i felt was worth sharing. When lucy died i stopped wearing make up and sort of threw my hands up in the air when it came to my hair. I have had no desire to change anything about my appearance. (as if that would bring her back some how)

Late last year i thought about what i could do with my hair which if you haven't seen me in person in sometime my hair has grown to be it's own nightmare. I have been planing on donating my hair to Locks of Love for Lucy's 2nd birthday and i happened upon an interesting opportunity when i was checking out the LoL website they other day.

O, the Oprah Magazine is working on a story called "Beauty Rehab." So i threw my hat in the ring for the story. I don't know if i got it yet but i did my "go see" with OSD today. and here is a picture from the office (courtesy of the lovely Alicia Bridgewater!)

anyway if you think you fit into her other spot get in touch with her. and remember to tell her Christine sent you.

I'm working on a beauty story for O, The Oprah Magazine called, “Beauty Rehab”

We are looking for women stuck in a beauty rut that want to change.

The categories:

1. Bleaches her hair and wants to go to natural color.

2. Tans and wants to go to natural skin tone.

3. Extremely long hair and wants to cut.

4. Wears heavy make up and wants to tone it down.

If you are interested and live in the New York City area please submit your name, age, contact information, and a recent photo. via email to
Alicia Bridgewater

Edited to add: i found out yesterday i did not get it


cyndi/mom/nana said...

I love this picture of you and Owen he is so cute and you are too Crissie. I really hope you get this for you and also for Lucy's rememberance this year what a great tribute to a sweet little girl. love you guys love mom

LoriLady said...

What a great photo (look a that big boy!!).

I hope you get it - let us know if you do and I will actually buy the mag! <3

Grammy Staffy said...

Oh good luck. I hope you make it on the Oprah show... that would be so great.

I love the picture of you and Owen. You both look good to me.